Spirit of the Drum

Four Week Online Course

Many now are feeling called to work with the healing rhythms of the shamanic drum in their personal practice and in what they share with others. The drum can be a great teacher, healer and friend on your spiritual journey.

In this four week online course, we will bathe in the rhythm of the drum and share in techniques for healing and for journeying. We will also look to find our own unique rhythm through the drum and learn how to work with it as a tool for personal healing and spiritual growth, learning to work with the Spirit of the Drum from a place of gratitude and respect.

As well as a chance to dedicate time to your relationship with your shamanic drum, this online course aims to deepen your understanding and practice with it, so that you can grow your connection with it, and use it with confidence. This will include:

  • connecting with and deepening your relationship with the spirit of your drum
  • learning to connect with your own rhythm for healing
  • ceremonies and practices for honouring your shamanic drum
  • weekly exercises to practice and deepen your experience with your shamanic drum
  • learning how to use the shamanic drum for clearing personal energy or your home
  • learning how to drum a shamanic journey for yourself
  • guidance for properly caring for your shamanic drum
  • guidance on painting or decorating your shamanic drum

This course includes a series of video lessons and recordings for you to work through in your own time, spread over four weeks, for you to work through in your own time.

Student discount and concessionary rate for low earners available, please contact me at info@jonathanweekes.co.uk for details.  

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Jonathan Weekes

I have been dedicated to my spiritual path since 2006 and holding workshops, courses and retreat weekends for many years to guide people in connecting people with the land, with the wheel of the year and with themselves through ceremony and shamanic practice. I now share these practice and teachings through the Ancient Roots online school to help you develop your own rooted spiritual practice.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Spirit of the Drum

    • Welcome from Jonathan

  • 2

    Week One: Spirit of the Drum

    • Spirit of the Drum

    • Spirit of the Drum

    • Practices for Spirit of the Drum 1

    • Practices for Spirit of the Drum 2

    • Spirit of the Drum: Handout

  • 3

    Week Two: Healing Drum

    • Healing Drum

    • Healing Drum

    • Practices for Healing Drum

    • Healing Drum Handout

  • 4

    Week Three: Shaman's Horse

    • Shamans Horse

    • Shaman's Horse

    • Practices for Shaman's Horse

    • Shaman's Horse Handout

    • Practices for Shaman's Horse - Beginner

    • Practices for Shaman's Horse - Intermediate

  • 5

    Week Four: Heartbeat of the Earth

    • Heartbeat of the Earth

    • Heartbeat of the Earth

    • Practices for Heartbeat of the Earth

    • Heartbeat of the Earth Handout

  • 6

    Resources and Downloads

    • Further Reading

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